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- Find the following lines of the file and replace the text with what we want to change the title to: public char titleTextName[16]; - Delete the 5 lines in the file just before the 5 lines we just modified the name to. - Save the file. - Start the game again and the original Title is back! I hope you will find this to be very useful, if you have any questions or comments please let me know. - Many thanks to the people who made this, thanks to WeiC for his help on the tips, and to Vic, Anex, and Puzzle-Cube for their continuous help and enthusiasm.Q: SQL Server function to concatenate to a string I have a function with 2 parameters CREATE FUNCTION [dbo].[GetStamp] (@p_name VARCHAR(100), @p_max INT) RETURNS VARCHAR(100) AS BEGIN DECLARE @RetVal VARCHAR(100) SELECT @RetVal = 'X' SET @RetVal = @RetVal + CONVERT(VARCHAR, @p_name) + CONVERT(VARCHAR, @p_max) RETURN @RetVal END I want to use this function to return this string 'A1A2' where p_name = 'A' and p_max = 3. How can I use this function in the following select statement? SELECT * FROM TABLE1 WHERE NAME = GETSTAMP(NAME, 3) Thanks A: Why don't you just do this: SELECT * FROM TABLE1 WHERE NAME = 'A' + CAST(3 AS VARCHAR(100)) A function is not needed for this. You could use a CASE expression: SELECT * FROM TABLE1 WHERE NAME = CASE WHEN p_name = 'A' THEN 'A' + CONVERT(VARCHAR, @p_max) ELSE '' END I added ELSE '' to the expression to make sure that an empty string is returned if you pass a NULL value to the function. Paco León (cyclist) Paco León Fernández (born 6 October



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Pretty Warrior May Cry Save File arijaqu

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