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This unique diamond-shaped diamond is an encounter in an encounter. Diamonds over 1 carat, there is no name for the cut because it is so unique. Suffice it to say, "Diamond Cut Diamond"

In order to make the best use of this unique diamond, I kept it simple and made it into a necklace.

With a flat shape, the cuts are concentrated on the edges and shine finely.

The slightly golden color is also good with a natural feeling that blends well with the skin.

It's not perfect, so it's a necklace that attracts attention.

It's a little proud 1 carat necklace.


It is a product that makes it difficult to convey the nuances of photos such as colors and cuts.

Please check at the store before purchasing.

1.09ct Diamond-cut Diamond Necklace

  • materia l: 1.09ct Diamond, K18YG

    size : 45cm

    top motif  : H0.9cm x W0.9cm x D0.3cm

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