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Falling snow diamond engagement ring

Fasten various diamonds of different sizes at different heights.

Engagement ring with delicate handicrafts like antiques.

It shines like snow that has fallen because there is a path of light between adjacent diamonds.


The photos shown use VS1 class diamonds.

Achieves perfect brilliance and transparency as an engagement ring.


All engagement rings are made to order.

It will take about 8 weeks to complete, so if you have a fixed date, please do so as soon as possible.

Please contact the Mishuku Atelier.

Engagement Ring No.16M18DIGY

  • material : K18YG (partly K18WG)

    Diamond  : total 0.6ct (center0.3 / melee0.36)

    size: # 6 ~ # 14

    top motif : H 5.4mm x W 15mm x D 4.4mm

    ring width  : 1.4mm

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