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Engagement ring with natural diamonds and plants


A unique world of diamonds collected by PLANT / PLANT such as gray, brown and milky white.

It ’s a mineral, it ’s a beautiful diamond, it ’s a beautiful diamond.

Transparency, cut, color, each one has a completely different natural beauty, and you will never get tired of seeing one diamond. Choose from the PLANT / PLANT collection and tailor it to your engagement ring. It takes about 8 weeks to complete.


The color and size of the diamonds will vary from time to time.

We recommend ordering after actually seeing it in the atelier.

For atelier reservations, please let us know your preferred date and time from contact.


Engagement Ring No.19M33DIGY

  • material : K18YG 

    Diamond : 0.69ct  Natural rosecut

    size : #6~#14

    motif : H 6.2mm x W 9.9mm  x D 4.3mm 

    ring width: 1.4mm

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