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Flat Marriage on the bark of a tree

A flat wedding ring with plenty of thickness.

The ring carved with the bark of the forest that two people can wear for the first time

It also tells us the importance of the time each of us has spent so far.

The time of two people will be engraved from now on, and it will be completed over a long period of time.


You can choose a matte finish or a glossy finish for the bark wedding ring.

The texture is familiar to you as you use it for a long time, and it is deeply carved, and the texture that you use it is also attractive.

It is a wide ring among flat rings.

Marriage Ring No.13M13PT

  • material : Pt900

    size: size:  # 11  # 12  #13  #14  # 15  # 16  (We also accept orders other than the listed sizes)

    measurement : W 4.5mm

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