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PLANT / PLANT's most iconic stone, emerald.

We are particular about deep green, and only beautifully colored emeralds are selected.

Luxuriously surrounded by diamonds, this ring features a handmade texture and a heavy, heavy feel.

Of the three pieces I made, it is an emerald with a feeling of size in the middle.

The triangular cut like a drop is unique, and the one-of-a-kind item that is not found anywhere is attractive.


It will be unveiled at the event of Wako Ginza. Please take a look at the store.

November 19th (Thursday) -23rd (Monday holiday)



Natural Emerald and Diamond Ring -M-

  • materia l: Emerald  1.35ct, Melee Diamond0.27ct, K18YG

    size : No. 10

    measurement : H_1.3cm x W1.5cm x D0.65cm   (thickness 0.25cm)

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