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Outstandingly large orchid earrings.

The asymmetrical design on the left and right adds playfulness to the modern style.

I'm glad that the white porcelain of ivory, which is not too white, gives a moist and bright look.

Because it is a short hook, it does not shake too much, but it fits your face lightly, and I want to choose this kind of discerning design for adult hook earrings.



Earrings and earrings are available, so please be careful when purchasing.


<For those who want K18 metal fittings>

It takes 4 weeks from the completion of your order to the completion.

White porcelain Orchid

  • material : White Porcelain, Brass, K10YG Pierce hook or Brass Clip-on earrings

    measurement : H2.9cm x W2.7cm x D0.9cm

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